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we specialise in : valve amplifiers, integrated amplifiers and vacuum tube amplifiers


Hifiandaudio.com Limited is a UK based and registered company and has been trading since 2006. We are a company which specialises in bringing you hi-end audio and hifi systems at affordable prices. We can do this by sourcing the top value audio components from around the world. We import hi-end hand made hifi valve amplifiers,speakers and other audio components from China.

We are the sole distributor and retailer for Separo valve amplifier products in the UK,
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We are offering some fantastic amplifiers, we are currently stocking KT88 single ended valve amplifiers and KT88 ultra linear (push-pull) valve amplifers as well as EL34 ultra linear valve amplifiers.

If you are a hi-fi manufacturer or distributor looking for a UK outlet, please contact us.

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The world of high end hifi can be an intimidating place but the world of valve amplifiers is a whole different level of specialist equipment. There are many different designs of valve amplifiers and lots of different terminology to describe what they do and how they work.
Valve amplifiers have been around for over a hundred years, however, due to the cost of manufacture they are now a rarely seen item despite their exceptional abilities and so to many people they are a completely unknown technology.
We recommend taking some time to read some of our help pages and other online content to give you an idea of what to look for when buying a valve amplifier and what to expect when you recieve on. This is important for when you consifer the room setting, use and what other equipment the amplifier is going to be working with.

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If this is your first valve amplifier or you are new to the world of valve amplifiers, check out our help pages for information on what to look for when buying a valve amplifier.



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please read our help pages for more information buying valve amplifiers or tweeking, upgrading or repairing vacuum tube and valve amplifiers. Especially single ended amplifier, ultra linear amplifier and hifi valve amplifiers